ooVoo™ Releases New Version of its Free Video Chat Software with Increased Video Messaging and Sharing Features, Enhanced Privacy Controls and in Ten Additional Languages

NEW YORK—July 16, 2007—ooVoo, an innovator in the way people communicate online, today announced a new version of its free six-way face-to-face video chat technology, providing users with enhancements to the video messaging and video chat functions that make the ooVoo experience more fun. ooVoo’s newest features include more ways for users to invite friends to join them on ooVoo, multiple language translations and enhanced privacy controls.

Now ooVoo is even easier to share with family, friends and social network contacts with users able to send personalized video invitations to join ooVoo directly to an email address. Recipients can watch the video, click to download ooVoo and immediately add the sender as a contact. With version 1.1 users can save unfinished video messages to a "drafts" folder (and send out later) or post the video message to their blog or on social networking sites such as YouTube and MySpace. In addition an ooVoo widget allows users to embed a “call me on ooVoo” or “download ooVoo” button on their blog or within their social networking profile or email signature. All of these features enhance the ease of connecting with other people via ooVoo.

ooVoo is committed to providing a fun and safe online communication environment and has added features to ooVoo version 1.1 to allow users to control solicitations from unknown contacts. ooVoo users can now manage who they receive “invitations-to-connect” from by allowing only people that know their email address or ooVoo ID to contact them. Users can also choose to ‘allow all’ or ‘block all’ video and chat invitations. In addition, users can decide if they want their ooVoo profile picture displayed to all users or only those in their contact list. The new privacy features were created to let users spend more time connecting with friends online in a safe environment.

Currently being used in more than 180 countries, ooVoo’s face-to-face communication is quickly being adopted around the globe. ooVoo’s newest version allows speakers of 11 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean, to use this video chat application to connect with family and friends around the globe.

“The more friends people have on ooVoo, the more fun it is to use. That’s why ooVoo’s newest features are designed to help people add new contacts with features such as enhanced personalized video messages and multiple language translations,” said Philippe Schwartz, CEO of ooVoo. “And while we want our users to extend their ooVoo networks, we also respect their privacy and have added new features to ensure a fun and safe ooVoo experience. We’re committed to continually enhancing ooVoo in order to provide the highest-quality free video chat on the Internet.”

Additional functions in ooVoo version 1.1 include the ability to send chat messages to contacts who are offline, take a snapshot of a video call, increase the size of the video conversation window during a live face-to-face discussion and leave a video or text message if there is no answer to an ooVoo call.

Key Features of ooVoo 1.1 Include:

· Advanced privacy settings

· Availability in multiple languages

· Enhanced video and chat messages

· Extra face-to-face video functions

ooVoo is a free and easy-to-install application available for download at http://www.oovoo.com.

About ooVoo

ooVoo provides free real-time video communication technology, delivering a new way for people to connect online. ooVoo’s technology enables people to experience a face-to-face connection and share emotions over the Internet in a way that no other communication medium permits. Delivering the highest quality video and audio, ooVoo provides a seamless and interactive communication experience. ooVoo enables any individual with a computer, broadband connection and a Web camera to communicate in real-time with friends, relatives and colleagues anywhere in the world.

ooVoo is privately held and headquartered in New York, NY.

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ooVoo is available for free download at http://www.oovoo.com.

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